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Homeowner endorsement

Added: May 06, 2019
Category: Property Management

Never underestimate the value of a good property management company. Do your homework. Look at the company's values, good communication, honesty and integrity. Never be afraid to ask for references!

"We have been with Florida Leisure Vacation Homes for the past ten years or so. We joined them when we were unhappy with our previous management company. In that time we have had an excellent service from them and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a great management company. We have had no problems whatsoever with them. All the staff are trustworthy , reliable and great workers. Anytime we have had a little proble...

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Vacation Rental Managers Association

Added: Apr 11, 2019
Category: Property Management

A very interesting morning with the Vacation Rental Manager's Association (Central Florida Chapter) hosted at Disney Springs, by our preferred partner Disney. This morning we learnt about the marvellous sporting facilities available within central Florida which draws in millions of visitors to the area, in turn supporting our industry through accommodation and ticket sales. This was followed by a typical fun filled presentation from Disney about what's new and what's coming soon! ..........Did someone mention Star Wars?????!!!!!!

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Latest addition to our portfolio!

Added: Mar 29, 2019
Category: Property Management

Do you really know your property managers? Do they really know you? We are delighted to welcome Peter as our latest homeowner to join the Florida Leisure Vacation Home family. Peter had been feeling very frustrated with his previous management company who he told us were extremely poor communicators and seemed totally disinterested in his home. This is a story we find all too familiar. At Florida Leisure Vacation Homes we feel it is crucial to know our owners well, what their expectations are and how we can provide the right level of service they are seeking. We make it a priority to meet our homeowners whenever possible and take time to listen so that we are able to act appropriately when required to d...

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Homeowner endorsement

Added: Jan 08, 2019
Category: Property Management

Homeowners all have different requirements and we feel it is our duty to work together to not only manage and safeguard each home but to also assist with bookings by providing an income to offset costs and therefore ensure an investment home is just that! We were very grateful to receive this note of thanks from one of our homeowners in Cumbrian Lakes who wrote:

"Firstly may I thank you for all the bookings you have secured for us since you took over the business. It is much appreciated. Florida Leisure Vacation Homes has provided as many bookings in 2018 than our previous management company did in six years between 2011 and 2017!"

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